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The charity organization "La Voz de los Huerfanos"(Voice of the Orphans) was registered in 2002 and fully licensed in 2004 under the Spanish law, and also with Trade Mark; with the aim of helping underprivileged children, especially orphans, giving them the necessities of life.

With recorded success of Miss Africa Canarias, we found it necessary to do something bigger and more beautiful for our community. Miss Africa Canarias has  extremely supported young black women in search of the key to success.

MBE is a cultural event, the standard European beauty values ​​will not be used in  selecting the participants,  because it's not a traditional model or beauty contest; the traditional Black elegance and  poise will be represented.

MBE is an ambassador for diversity and a positive role model. She will help extend people's knowledge about black race and black people's inner and outer beauty.

MBE is not just about beauty and scholarship, but also to unite Blacks in Europe and others from around the world to celebrate the Black heritage and promote Black culture in Europe and worldwide.

"For me it's about giving back to the world that has given me so much that I'm proud of. I was once a child well cared for and given the best in life. There is no reason why a child should suffer. We can all make the world a better, secure, peaceful and crime free for all. 

Being a philologist specializing in Literature, Religion, Drama and Culture, currently a doctoral  scholar at the University of La Laguna, Tenerife gives me  a deep understanding of cultures, which is very important to human existence.

As a Black African and European citizen, the combination of these two rich cultures  and profound knowledge of both, without one predominating over the other has made me a better person".

- Sola Opesan Brown.

Founder/Creative Director

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