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 Sola Opesan Brown

 "For me it's about giving back to the world that has given me so much that I'm proud of. I was once a child well cared for and given the best in life. There is no reason why a child should suffer. We can all make the world a better, secure, peaceful and crime free for all. 

Being a philologist specializing in Literature, Religion, Drama and Culture, a doctorate  student at the University of La Laguna, Tenerife gives me  a deep understanding of cultures, which is very important to human existence.

As a Black African and European citizen, the combination of these two rich cultures  and profound knowledge of both, without one predominating over the other has made me a better person".

- Sola Opesan Brown.

Sola Opesan Brown is a licensed Philologist.

Also she is:

* A Polyglot

* An Interpreter and a Translator (Spanish - English)

* An Event Consultant & Promoter

* A Culture and Drama Expert

* A Marketer 

* An Advertiser

* A Graphic and Web Designer

* An Editor 

* A Publisher

* An Artistic Director

* A Fundraiser

* An Improver

* An Advocate (for Underprivileged Youth).

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